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Mark Sandiego
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Originally Posted by LoopyLou79 View Post
Iím off work for next two weeks, seems I have/had all the symptoms Hopefully Iíll never find out cause itís only confirmed in hospital here in U.K. I was classed as a keyworker so had to go into A busy work environment during lockdown. There are only 160 confirmed cases in a population of 1.2 million in the area I live but itís so contagious one person after ten days can infect potentially 59,000 people

I love isolation but itís messed up my new business as a Hypnotherapist & MassageTherapist. Iíll also never go into large crowds again.

Watch out for me joining the chat.
Can you hypnotize people online by webcam and audio? This would really take the chat to the next level.
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