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I’m turning an event I planned for 4/29 into a virtual event.
It’s for physicians and I have already 30 who wanted to attend the F2F one.

Now I hope they will also attend virtually.

The tech organization is something I can do myself with the equipment from the company. My two speakers agreed to a virtual event already.

One of them is a cardiologist and I decided yesterday that I want to offer her some more money to add the theme ‘ heart disease and Corona ‘ to her lecture. She must do work and research about it, that’s why.
Luckily I can do it as I found out after talking to my supervisor.

Adding to this I am planning an other virtual training for my physicians completely about this topic.

Yesterday I made a top 5 list of the speakers I want to hire and wrote an email to Nr 1. ( I only need one, but can’t write to them all at once in case they all say yes)
Now I hope he says yes.
We are a team of 4 and while I’m not the supervisor I’m the senior/ science college and I’m the one in contact with the cardiologist in our region.
And they are all on board and will work with my on the invites.

So wish me luck, that’s lots of work but it makes sense.

I had the day yesterday off as I have on Monday and Tuesday.
But this has to move fast, so I worked yesterday anyway and will have to on Monday for sure.
Oh well I will just be lazy on an other day.

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