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Day 22 of quarantine. I've seen no people in person other than my partner who lives here.

I hate going outside. I can walk around our neighborhood a little bit but we live so close to busy areas of town that even that makes me nervous. Everyone is on "shelter in place", but we're still allowed to exercise outside. I live near like, the "Times Square" of Kansas City, so my bf and I are just walking in our neighborhood but all these fucknuts from the suburbs drive over here to walk the empty city streets. It's so dumb. I get anxious and I have to get back home.

I'm laid off and so it my partner but that doesn't scare me as much as just going outside. I love cities and being in the hustle of things but we just canceled a trip to NYC scheduled for June and I don't know how long it'll take me to feel comfortable around big groups of people again. I've never been a germaphobe but I just feel OCD all of a sudden like... if I touch a door knob, it will kill my mom.

This shit is fucking weird and you assholes are a big part of my sanity right now.

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