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A dead raccoon was found in the water supply that serves our city, so a something called a “boil order” was instated, meaning we have boil our tap water before it’s useable. I’ve never heard of this happening before. A few weeks ago, an earthquake struck amidst this covid madness. If I were superstitious, I’d think we must be particularly cursed lol. On top of being in a tough program at school, any of this on its own would be alright, but it’s kinda having an additive effect on me...and then we laugh it off.

I’m a healthcare worker and I have a sister with an autoimmune disease. Last week, I watched the code team at my hospital doing additional training for responding to codes on COVID patients using PAPRs and walkies because they’re trying to only have essential personnel in the actual room, and those things (PAPRs) are challenging to hear each other over. I had a twinge of nerves at the thought of giving her something, even though we have been physically distancing and don’t live together.

Thankfully, I feel like our institution is keeping us well-informed and looking out for their staff in a noticeably positive manner. That being said, we’re not experienced anything like NY or MI yet.

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