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We have Easter holiday now here on Germany, meaning no work for 4 days.
Thatís nice.

Riding a bike and hiking are allowed activities and the weather is great.
Thatís also good.

I can not read too much of the news or I get very mad.
Today Iím mad about Hydroxychloroquine.
But maybe not for the reason you think I would be.

You know I work in pharmaceuticals.
Here are the facts.

There is some slight evidence that it could be helpful. More clinical studies are needed and they are in the process of being done now.

What Hydroxychloroquine is not:

Itís not a miracle drug. Itís just a drug. It might be helpful or not. We need more facts.

Itís not especially dangerous, but not harmless.
It has some side effects, they are very well known. Because itís been in use for other diseases for very long, we know all the side effects. Thatís better than with a new drug. Still. Donít buy it somewhere on the black market and take it! Donít do it with any other prescription drugs also!
Donít take more than you should!

Itís not some big business. Itís a very old malaria drug, over 70 year old.
There is very little money in it. Itís generic and every pharmaceutical company can make it. There is no more patent.
If it worked, it would be fantastic!
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