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Chemda, there is evidence that we get immunity from it after the first round.
At least for six months.

Of course, everything is new, but this is what I read in a German study.


All of Germany is waiting for news from Heinsberg. It is the place where the first big outbreak of the novel coronavirus occurred. A team led by Bonn-based virologist Hendrik Streeck is currently researching what the infection chains looked like and how high the spread of infection was in the small community of Gangelt, a municipality in the district of Heinsberg, in North Rhine-Westphalia. Streeck presented the initial interim findings of his field study to the Düsseldorf state parliament on Thursday.

Streeck said that the infection rate in the representative sample was 15 percent. This means that 15 percent of the residents there have already experienced an infection or are currently infected. According to current estimates, they are immune for six to 18 months, said Streeck. This means that the process to achieve herd immunity has already been initiated. Herd immunity is a form of protection in which a high percentage of the population is immune either through vaccination or infection.

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