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In the Episode today.
Of course it’s vague. We are at the beginning of everything. But he said there is immunity.

(31) Eine Wiederinfektion bleibt unwahrscheinlich
NDR Info - Das Coronavirus-Update mit Christian Drosten - 14.04.2020 13:40 Uhr Autor/in: Korinna Hennig
Erneute Virusnachweise bei genesenen Patienten sind wohl eher Zufallsfunde von Erregerresten.

For our English speakers only:

A reinfection stays unlikely.
Now more generally translated:

Virus found in recovered patients is likely only ‘rest’ virus found by chance.

I didn’t say the whole study was great, but the immunity part seems pretty solid.
You know reading medical studies is something I do for living.
I read the whole thing and found it interesting but for the most part more accidental and in no way describing the situation in Germany.
But the is no medical reason that the immunity is different there than anywhere else.

The virus works in our body the same way no matter where you live.

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