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Originally Posted by Lanfear View Post
TLDR for non German speakers:
I think Streeck is is the German version of a Scientist that Fox News would put up on their program - aka not a source I trust

So yes herd immunity is a thing, it all depends on how many people we are willing to accept dying in exchange for getting the economy up and running again.
But we need more research first and not open up lockdown based on shaky possibly biased science.
That’s not something I want.

Unfortunately people will die anyway, only slower until we have a drug that has proven results and a vaccine.
And yes, less people will die if we keep the hospitals running and don’t overwhelm them with too many patients at once.
Opening the country completely now would be deadly for many people who could be saved otherwise.

I’m glad I don’t have to decide what to do.

I have a friend who talked about people dying from Corona as a gift for them because they want to die anyway.
I had to distance myself from her, because she kept sending me messages how we should sue the German country for the lock down.
I always wonder what people like her would say if it was her mother or her husband for example who died.

I had to say to her, please stop sending me these things, I don’t approve.
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