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Things seem to improve in Germany.
Of course, the pandemic is still here. And of course we have no miracle cure.


It didn’t get as bad as suspected with the hospitals.
I know it not only because i read about it, but also because of my job.
Yesterday for example I talked to someone from a local hospital and they told me after a surge in Corona patients a few weeks ago, it slowed down and things are more normal again.
We hope it stays like this.

I still work full time and for now I’m organizing webinars for physicians. Have a new one in two days.
It’s an incredible amount of work, or at least It was for the first.
There was no real road map how to do it and I had to find out on my own.
I have an I pad pro from work and no computer and every manual was written for a computer for example.
Everytime I contacted the it hotline with a question they send me information for the computer, even if I have written in the email,‘ i have only an i pad pro, please don’t send me instructions for a computer‘

This was how it went multiple times.

Apia writes an email to the it support.
They send me instructions for a computer.
I contact them again and say the information you gave me is useless for me.
They promise to contact me again with new info.
Two days later they call me and say, the thing I wanted to do, it’s not possible with an iPad.
Than I cry and find the solution on my own. Or by the time the contacted me I already had the solution on my own. One time they asked me if I can give them my solution so they know how it goes.
So I basically became the it support for the it support.

Downside for me:

More work and pressure than ever.


It worked out pretty well and for the second one I feel very confident. Preparing my expert speakers in video conferences became easy, now that I spent I don’t know, infinite hours with the system.
And I still have my job.

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