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I didn't really connect to the "men are pervy with each other" thing until this episode. Not sure if it's generational, or the "wokeness" level of my Bros but I never really had this experience. BUT as a teen one of my brothers taught me how to properly stare at a woman's ass. The Technique is, you let a jogger past by and stand there looking at her cheeks bounce, while biting your fist, because DAMN, LOOK AT THAT ASS. This was before I was outed, but I did take the tech to stare at male joggers booties.
Even after my family knew I was gay, to this day, if I go somewhere with my father he'll slow the car down and literally point out any woman in tights.

Everyone can eat ass Keith! Not just homos! This virus hates all of us.

For KATG bingo: Chemda saying "what Keith is TRYING to say is..." after Keith is extremely blunt at a guest.
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