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Originally Posted by DeathInGrasp View Post
I may have misunderstood the question, I do think itís okay to gradually open businesses in calculated ways that are contoured to regions and in a strategic manner that helps mitigate infection spread. IL will likely move into phase 3 out of 5 of its reopening strategy on May 29, and I agree with it. So my gut poll vote was based on my thoughts that itís ok to open businesses in a very gradual careful way, and not that we should open everything ASAP with no strategy. I took the other poll option as meaning keep everything closed indefinitely so long as covid19 is around. Iím overthinking things, welcome to my A N X I E T Y disorder, I guess.
I also think opening gradually is fine, if the the cases started to increase slower and people are wearing masks and keeping distance and Unterstand that that covid isnít over.

What I see in the US is lots of people who donít believe in the danger of covid in the first place and want things to go to normal.
Thatís a really bad.
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