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Did need to hear any more

The answer is so fucking yes and now after what people are allow others to get away with, calling themselves protectors aka Cops, it’s about to become a real motherfucking race war unlike this world has never seen, and we allow that man in office to SPEAK to the world as a leader without any repercussions and others want to go outside to the beaches the salons the stores or works cause they feel oppressed (lmao dum ass white people, let’s before Blacks folk don’t have time for outside Socialization they killing US, and beating the fuck outta Us left and right) so let’s go have a relly and cried and wine about how my white life isn’t fare, and then have the Nerve To tell me to back to my own country. I’m like bitch I was born here and name the continent, omg no child left behind. So to answer your question in the polls yes I’m am to nice, but the sparkle and the rose colored glass of mined ( which I will still wear cause I’m fabulous) has seen anew a Mr. Nice Guy is behold pissed off. Thanks for your real open talk, loved the show for over three years now and went back afar as I could with paying lol. Stay safe N8
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