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I'm so glad i joined the chat just in time for this section of the show. A lot of folks on here probably already heard what i had to say in chat last night, but for those that missed it; i'm the guy with the racist father. I wish i could recall how we even got to that point in our conversation that night, but for me all these drunken chat nights are starting to blend together. I never considered your perspective when saying this to you (and others) in the chat that night. Thanks for giving me some insight, i appreciate Chu.

The response from me to my dad that Chemda was asking about: I was yelling things along the lines of "you can't fucking say shit like that, when are you going to learn" and him just continuing to be a piece of shit and things going nowhere, eventually ending in me walking out. I understand having cut people out of your life for less, but that would mean also cutting out my mother; and it wouldn't make his racism go away, it would just mean i wouldn't have to see/hear it. I suppose the only option is the pillow...

I'm still upset this show wasn't named What's up with Chu, Agonistt?

The car i found for you on Craigslist, the Danny dirt i brought you, and the dad story; man do i get producer credits for this one? haha

For those interested, it's episode 46 of the comedy studio podcast and starts around 9 or 10 minutes in.
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