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My mic started fucking up during chat. I was trying to say that my favorite episode of KATG content to listen to over and over was the LWonKATG where Andrea subbed in for Bianca and was spilling the tea on all the people who had disastrous fallings out with the show. And now I think this ep of CHU will be the one i go back to all the time

Only 20% of my love for it was from the gossip. The rest was hearing how much extra bullshit Keith and Chemda had to endure from these assholes that we never heard through the shows. In this ep and that ep of LW Chemda is still placing the blame of the Danny breakup on herself. Even if, in some Bizarro Universe, Chemda didn't "do enough" after her tumor surgery, to keep him satisfied, would that be an excuse for him to try to blow shit up with Andrea on the forums? For him to go on his pod and shit on Keith with a lie and paint a dirty picture of KATG with whoever his followers are?

Chemda is NTA. Danny YTA

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