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I was absolutely floored by Mike's situation, as I could have written the exact letter almost. Being abused by the teen son of our close family friend from a young age. Our parents were close friends, the two families would even vacation together. I'd blocked it out of my memory for years, not wanting to say anything to my family, alcoholic mom & dad who will do something rash. He'd beat the shit out of my aunt's boyfriend when he found out that guy was beating her.

My father died, my alcoholic mother died. Statute of Limitations had well passed. I don't care about hurting the abuser's family, so I reached out to them on FB, engaged in casual banter first before I hit them with the "your son fucking raped me" news. Told them the details, to keep him away from kids, and then I blocked them all. I needed no further commentary from them, as it wasn't up for debate. I'd felt some sense of relief/closure for having gotten it out there.

Mike, I'm sorry you went through this. You're not alone, and your need to want to protect others is still so admirable despite everything you endured. You needed protecting and didn't get it. I'm so sorry.
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