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Originally Posted by Scorpion View Post
Donít literally buy fuck that guy. That dude that said you should have come to him first, no fuck that! He publicly, in a paper said some shit, did he consult you first before calling these other guys out? Did he try to talk to them? NO! But his self important ass needs consulting? Fuck him! You did the right thing. Unless he calls the paper and retracted his statement, again donít literally fuck him but to hell with that guy.

Yes, I kind of get his point about the guys who started the art thing and I get his wanting to be consulted but once he went public without talking it out with a mix of opinions then he has moved the conversation to the public sphere. Which is just where you pick it up.

Itís good to hear you were so conflicted after but you were right and he was wrong both times.
Thanks! You are correct about it moving to the conversation of public sphere. The whole thing was convoluted but surprise, it started a discussion and people are moving forward productively!
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