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Re: the sex abuse.
1. Definitely be talking to a therapist to help you walk through this.
2. You likely were not the only one who was abused. Most often, kids who abuse other kids have been abused themselves. And like you said, they likely didnít know. But it still affected you. And sex abusers very rarely only have one victim. I wonder if your brother went through the same thing.
3. Like KEith and a Chemda said-you arenít responsible for how other people respond. That is on them. You canít make people relapse-if they do theyíve been looking for a reason they would use any justification.
4. Talk to the therapist about how to have an age appropriate conversation with your son. You donít have to give him the nitty gritty details as to what happened to you, but it is important for him to know that if ANYONE ever does anything that makes them uncomfortable that you would want to know.

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