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Originally Posted by FingerLakes View Post
I stopped reading in the middle of Dance with Dragons but I don't call bullshit on him being done in the next year. I am excited for the upcoming game Elden Ring, set in the world of the books and will have powers and shit based on the gods/cults/dragons of the story. He has been helping with directing the story in some capacity for the last couple years at least so and since it's entered the final phases of production I think he's been able to go back and focus on the books. Especially seeing as he also hated the ending of the show, I hope he feels he has something to prove.
He's always finding some other projects to keep him busy. He wrote the encyclopedia, and the history of the Targaryans too. I hope he does finish it, but I think he lost the love a long time ago.

Game does sound cool though.
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