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Originally Posted by AstoriaGirl View Post
Ehhh i legit know progressives that think/say "fuck it, if bernie cant be president, give it to Trump. The democrats deserve to lose and then maybe the liberals will finally listen to us".

To which i say fuck that. Dont play chicken with the country for 4 more years.
Yeah fuck those assholes, I am not saying everyone who supports Bernie is unequivocally great, I'm just saying that the specific concept of a "Bernie Bro" was made up by pro-Hillary people to discount Bernie and his supporters. There are assholes on every side of the spectrum, so I don't doubt that you know people like that. I just don't think that fits the Bernie Bro stereotype that sung was referring to.

I'm going to have a harder time voting for Biden than I did Hillary because now it's one creep/rapist against another - but I think in the situation we are in, the better of two evils is clear. But I'm still Team Bernie all day every day. He's the only politician I've ever seen who truly means and believes what he's saying. He's not here for the approval of the Democratic Party, he's here for the people and has been throughout his entire career.

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