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Originally Posted by The Girl View Post
Wow Ashley thatís a lot to deal with. Iím sorry youíre going through that.

When I went through my break up I had to be gentle to get through the day/week/month... minute.

It helped a lot to talk it out with people. Iím glad youíre here and sharing it with us. Please keep us posted. We are here for it.

Much love! You got this!!

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It is a lot of work to get through the minutes sometimes. Not having some of the normal ways to cope with a breakup (getting a hug from somebody who cares, seeing friends) is really difficult. And then again I also don't have the option of coping in some of the unhealthy ways I used to (going to bars, meeting unhealthy Tinder people). In the meantime, I'm looking for a place to move that I love.

Talking helps. Thank you, Chemda.
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