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I work in adult weight management (currently a Registered Nutritionist, but planning to get my Masters in Dietetics in the next few years). I work with people with severe obesity, but the guidance for a healthy diet is pretty much the same for everyone. Lean protein, wholegrain carbs, a small amount of healthy fats, some fruit and a fuck ton of veg and salad. It works, but it's boring so people are always looking for a quick fix or something exciting.

Dietitians are great, but if you're a healthy person the most they can really do is support you with your choices, and help you mentally. If Kyle is eating a varied and well balanced diet, she's likely getting everything she needs (which it sounds like she is).

If she gives Kyle a diet plan based on her blood group, she's a quack.

In terms of pizza gate, it could say something about her critical thinking skills...
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