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I feel for Kyle. We are foster parents and have an almost 10 month old who was shaken by his mother. Heís been having issues with infantile spasms and weíve had to have him on all kinds of medications-including a shot from hell that made him miserable. He swelled up, only stopped crying when I would hold him. And even then I had to really work on calming him down. Iíve cried so many times for this poor guy. Circumstances outside of my control are happening-he was suffering so bad-we have to stop these spasms to hopefully give him a chance of being able to develop normally-if they arenít stopped, he will be dependent for the rest of his life-according to the neurologist. Heís now on this medication that has a 30% chance of making him go blind. Luckily now he is doing much better and is smiling-but we wonít know if any of this stuff has worked. We are looking at another 24 hour EEG In the future.

So sorry to hear that your daughter was hospitalized due to her depression. I canít imagine how hard that was on all of you. And the mental health system is unfortunately overtaxed right now. My coworkers and I are doing everything we can to keep our two psychologists in Veteran geriatric home care going-because they are getting hit hard right now too-and feeling guilty for not being able to do more.

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