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Originally Posted by jesikat View Post
Yes it IS too sweet. But people drink it AND they like to drink it how it comes.
Gatorade is for after an extreme work out, to replenish lost salt, sugar and water when regular water would not help hydrate you. It should not be drank regularly.

Juice in the great USA IS sugar water. Yes SUGAR water. NOT real juice. No mater what the label says unless you see it made fresh it is put through a process to eliminate bacteria similar to milk. But with juice (yes all juice) it eliminates the flavor. It comes out colored water so they juice companies got a waiver from the FDA to add "natural flavor" and "natural sugar" to get back to juice taste AND they can do so with out disclosing it and say it's 100% juice even "Fresh".

Ever notice how each brand of juice in the US tastes the same every time?
I bet you could pick the brand in a blind taste test! They have their own formula to get that taste. Artificial flavors and added refined beat sugar as well as some added nutrients.

Truly natural juice would taste different every time. When was the last time you ate two of any fruit and they tasted just the same?

Juice is not good for you.
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