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I felt for Kyle so much during this episode > my mami barely had a mami & my abuelo was on the cold side with her and of course the universe gave her a super “emotional bebe”...

Kyle you are years ahead and way more present/aware/empathetic etc than my mami was... we had a super loud and super Puertorican breakthru last year but it was YEARS of built up shit even with her being a somewhat “woke” mom over the years....

This too shall pass, hold on to your babies with an open but strong connection... also Keith once you see them as your kids vs “step kids” << as a many times over step kid >> once they are YOUR kids then you step in as a parent, till then <respectfully> you are a side line player which is super easy for you and the kids, for now......

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Meme isn't hard to find; her laugh carries 'cause she throws her head back like a gorgeous unicorn. she's also an amazing first contact. look for the fanciest bitch having the best time.
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