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I feel for Kyle and her daughter. I have been battling depression/anxiety, (really two sides of the same coin) for many many years since my teens, I am 59 now. Traditional medicine has helped me but it is frustrating and takes A LOT of work. There are no quick fixes. For me although I am functioning again I am looking for a more long term change in health. If I stop medication I quickly relapse.
I just enrolled into a six week program set up by a natural-path doctor who is local here in Toronto. She specializes in mood and and mental health issues. Perhaps she may appeal to Kyle it seems she has similar views about diet and exercise etc.
Here is a link to a YouTube video talking about the program.

I am not trying to sell you anything just passing on info. Should Kyle choose to do this with her daughter the price is in Canadian dollars so that is a 30% discount.
Love the show makes me laugh and gives me things to think about.
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