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Keith, if the opportunity comes up where you can see your dad one last time (like when he's in the hospital in the near future to try and take the heat off his actions and get the kids being nice to him because of another heart attack), maybe it would be worth it to go and bring a friend, or two, or five he doesn't know. Then when you come up to him you can go "Oh, and this is the Dad I told you about that tried to fuck my ex wife."

I sorta did similar to girl that shit talked everyone in college. I was talking to a nice guy she had said bad things about. She came up to us and I was so sick of her actions that I said "Oh, this is Steph. She's the girl I told you about that said your art was sub par." Her face and stuttering afterwards was just wonderful. I still ride the high from that.

I know in reality it probably wouldn't be worth the trip...but it's fun to imagine.
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