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Originally Posted by Archimedes_Screw View Post
Just rub it in why don’t ya! Lol I also love the apprenticeship programs y’all got over there.
We have lots of great things here I must admit, especially after listening to American podcasts for a long time I realized what we have.
But I start with 3 things I like about the US, just to sound less bitchy.

New York ist pretty cool, the comedy scene, the culture and the diversity.

Weed is legal in several states, where here it’s only decriminalized for small amounts.

I like lots of the nature in your country, the national parks are huge and impressive with lots of space between human civilization.

Ok now to Germany.

Most kids go here to a public school, because the regular public school is good.
I didn’t even think out looking for an other school or had to interview there with my kid. All kids but one from my daughters kindergarten went to the same school in our city. No matter if they had rich or poor partners or if they were German or from another country.
I learned that’s different in America.

I told you when we go to the physician, we give them out card, looks like a credit card and never see a bill for regular physician work.
You keep your health insurance when you are unemployed.

We never donate to political candidates here. Political parties can air sports on public tv for free, according to the votes in the last election. That’s why an election is way, way less of a spectacle here.

Ah, and free College.

Now, who wants to move?
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