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Originally Posted by The Girl View Post
Wow thatís rough. Those teenagers have a bunch to deal with.

Iím sorry for your loss Apia. Glad you got to go to the ceremony.

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Itís hard for them, thatís for sure.
In the ceremony it was said that he lost his father when he was 20, also from heart problems and that this has a huge impact on his life.
I didnít know the daughters but I knew of them, on a long travel to a convention he talked about how he at first wasnít sure about having kids, but his wife wanted them and how glad he was to have them and how much he loved them.
About how challenging it was to deal with teenage drama and how he always wanted to help them but knew they needed to find their own way.

My supervisor was also there, I havenít seen him face to face since February as well. I was glad he was there, he used to be the supervisor of Marcus ( the dead college) in the past. I was glad to see he cared enough to make the 3 hour trip.
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