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I’m glad that Brother Love has sensible opinions and is not an insane anti masker or something.

Chemda, I’m sorry about your ex father in law.

I thought he was a lovely man, but also full of contradictions.
The wild life and than the conservatism and religion for example. And other stuff.

I thought Christians were pro life, now with 200 000 Americans dead they are not? And if the masks help save lives shouldn’t you wear one? But I guess they don’t believe that, because they are looking for the result they like and than find some pseudoscience reason to get to it.

Like: 200 000 died, but they were sick anyway and would have died the next week without covid. A mask is actually killing you because Covid loves cloth and glues itself to every mask it sees somewhere and kills the masked person. We just don’t hear about it because...... deep state......something.....liberals.

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