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Originally Posted by theguy2009 View Post
I have to make my case for Schitts Creek. It has the best character of any show in years. It has more heart and charm then most shows could ever dream of. The name isn't a big part of the show after the first season. The characters are completely unlikable at the start. By the end you are pulling for them 100%. It is simply the best.
After watching the preview on netflix I was completely turned off to it also and ignored it. The dear members of these forums were the ones who finally convinced me to give it a shot and I really liked it! While I was being blissfully ignorant they put out 4 seasons so I had plenty to binge once I came around too!

I'm curious who from the show you thought was the best character... David??? Or was that a typo in the second sentence and should have been "characters"....?
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