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Originally Posted by spoofer420 View Post
The manipulative 4% therapists have to be on guard against are the boderline personality disorders. The 1% who are supercharged are the anti-socials. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual volume 5's checklist of traits lines up with everything he said and how he acted to a degree as to scream it. Reading books, watching documentaries and interviews with these patients, bartending next to a homeless shelter, growing up around and having several family members with this illness makes it very familiar/obvious. So many of these patients in comedy is the reason for the spate of recent serial rape revelations. Got a creepy feeling after first hearing Chris Gethards' voice on a podcast and felt supported when he was on a NPR piece about child psychopaths.
So your assessment is based on your knowledge of DSM5 and not of this specific person? If we are in a culture where we will "believe women" we also shouldn't be in a culture that remote diagnoses a stranger. Be on guard, sure, but it seems dangerous to spout as fact essentially that this guy is a liar, psycho, anti-social etc.
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