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The manipulative 4% therapists have to be on guard against are the boderline personality disorders. The 1% who are supercharged are the anti-socials. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual volume 5's checklist of traits lines up with everything he said and how he acted to a degree as to scream it. Reading books, watching documentaries and interviews with these patients, bartending next to a homeless shelter, growing up around and having several family members with this illness makes it very familiar/obvious. So many of these patients in comedy is the reason for the spate of recent serial rape revelations. Got a creepy feeling after first hearing Chris Gethards' voice on a podcast and felt supported when he was on a NPR piece about child psychopaths.
Just wow. So you pulled all that out of your ass? The level of detail you went into, I honestly assumed you might know something significant/specific. Do you have any idea how fucked up it is you claimed he’s a danger to women and went so far as to put into question his business as being nefarious, all based on diagnosing him through...a podcast...because he shared details of his life that he lived? Literal defamation based on nothing? Maybe you’re too immersed into the media you mentioned it you’re at the point you’re throwing the DSM at podcast guests without context or due process.
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