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Itís better than a dollar, Chemda. Itís free serotonin.

Thirst trapping is like getting affirmations on roids, but in the best (and safest) format ever, with a screen separating us and perhaps thousands of miles. Unlike when a guy says or does something on the street (letís be honest, donít have to worry about girls) when youíre just going about your life and you have no choice in it, nor in how he responds to it. Posting a thirst trap changes that power dynamic. Not only do I now have a choice in it, but I can be as intentional and risquť as I want without it being risky. And this way, I donít have to hear it verbalized. Just to know in abstract by seeing the likes is actually perfect. Like all things social media, it can get addicting and take a bad turn if youíre not careful (the likes dictating your self-esteem, etc.)
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