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Re: The Poll

Yes. Spoke to an ex fuck buddy over the summer and we were commiserating about corona and I guess trump's response to it came up and he started defending him. Then as I call trump a racist idiot and he starts going HARD about how trump isn't a racist and "how could he be when he hired a black to do whatever Ben Carson did?!" and I'm wondering why he's defending this idiot so hard then as I go on he reveals he voted for trump in 2016 and is like "I'M NOT A RACIST. HIS VOTERS AREN'T RACIST" and I'm just gobsmacked. As Keith said before, people hear the word racist and it becomes very personal. I never called this dude a racist, just said that RACISTS love trump because he empowers them to keep being more racist and violent. Like literally he said to hurt people and racists responded by going YEAH and being violent at his rallies and at protests. But this guy heard that and assumed I must be calling him one directly because he supports a racist and so he has to defend trump to defend himself.

It gets worse.
He goes on to tell me why Biden is unqualified and this is his list:
  • He's weak and other countries won't respect him
  • He's untrustworthy
  • He's a pedophile! He hung out with Epstein
And again I'm speechless because either I'm crazy or he's an idiot because every single point he makes applies to trump! ALL OF THEM.
I call trump a rapist and his defense was "He never held a gun on any of those women!" and that was it.
We were already Exes but now I have no respect for him as a person.

And someone I befriended at a party a year or 2 ago recently put up a video about how Corona is a hoax AND masks are a lie. Why would the latter have to be true if there's no virus???? We spoke earlier in the year about how Trump got into power because people refused to vote for Hilary, a woman, and how stupid that is. Then a month ago he posted on fb about not voting because "it's all a scam"

So he's dead to me

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