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I just, I feel like it should be easier to agree that jerking off in the presence of others, whether on a phone call/video chat/whatever is uhhhh not ok without their consent? Annnnnd this was a work thing so wtf are we trying to justify here?

Hilarious episode, I so enjoyed the riffing around what Toobin must've been thinking. Keith is so right, the male bumbler is a shit excuse and we help it along when we try to justify/explain away this behaviour. I gotta say though, JP's assertion that 90% of guys think they could essentially get away with it, while very funny, is also very troubling as someone who has seen their fair share of unsolicited/non-consensual dick... DUDES DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. As Chemda was saying, we KNOW, we can tell when you're doing shady shit. You may think you're being sly and getting away with it... but just because we're not calling you out doesn't mean we don't see it. Maybe Toobin's coworkers didn't say anything in the moment because a lot of us have learned to pretend like nothing is happening when someone takes their dick out, because society has shown us, over and over, that they will always side with the penis.
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