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Originally Posted by Adamus View Post
Greetings, friends.

I began listening to KATG near the beginning and was hooked for years. I went to Keith's standup events a few times, got a L'Chaim tattoo, and was even nominated for Most Touching Moment for a KATG award. But a few years ago, I stopped listening. Nothing against the show...I just started watching more YouTube and no longer had a work commute to listen to the show.

I recently started listening again and it seems like a lot has changed. The last time I was listening, both Keith and Chemda were married to their respective partners. Also, it sounds like something happened with Keith's Dad. Clearly, a lot has changed.

Would someone be able to give me a quick lowdown on what happened?

Obviously, going back and listening to old episodes would be the best option, but I recently lost my job due to Covid and can't currently afford VIP. So, if someone could help this old fan catch up, I'd really appreciate it.

Welcome back Adam, and thanks for being our guest tonight, and now it's time to play "Guess What Happened To ..."

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