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Originally Posted by eoguy View Post
I'm so happy Keith broke his Apple Airpods trance as fast as he did.

Yes, that company is trash. Anybody in their cult is a victim and I feel sorry for them. Sure, some of their technology is seamless, but the iPhone is too simplistic, inferior and expensive (unless your goal is to be a Tik Tokker). The phone camera is beautiful, but I stopped taking pictures of myself once I reached the legal drinking age (cause who needs those photos?). The Apple Watch is a trick, their laptops are smooth but flimsy as fuck and everything you buy requires hundreds of dollars of add-ons before it works properly. No thanks.

And while we're on technology that's not ready for consumers, who the hell thought Bluetooth was a good idea? Connections that drop out, inferior sound, trouble linking devices. Burn it. Bye!
LOL, you’re just making random claims. Example: “the Apple Watch is a trick.”

There’s a reason people love their products and they keep making a ton of money.

I work in the industry, and I’ve used many different products over the years. You can claim it’s overpriced but a lot of people’s Apple products last years and years. You’re less susceptible to viruses and weird shit popping up or installing itself on your phone because of how much they’ve got their system locked down. Their product value holds up over time and the design beats out almost every other company. AirPods are literally everywhere now even though there were dozens of other options out there before. People like their simplicity.

It was a bullshit move to not include a charger with their latest phones. But every other company will follow suit.

To each their own (I’ve had Android and Pixel products), but I’m not going to pretend that Apple just makes bad products. It’s undoubtedly false.

Edit: excuse the long post about something that doesn’t matter. I need something to focus on besides the election. What a shit show.

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