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Fun or not fun at all fact:
Normal work weeks are fun for me, when I’m allowed out. Time flies by, I love traveling and talking to people. I’m an extrovert who is charming in person. I can make mostly any German stranger laugh! Keith! People get my jokes!
I love eating something else for lunch everyday. I love my life.

Now, everything is different.
It’s Tuesday and it’s feels like 20 days had passed, not 2.
Because I make the best of this situation ( using this time to get more experience in other stuff) I volunteered to work 50% for our legal and compliance department ( law is what I did my education in) in addition to remote calls with customers.
So instead of fun Apia it’s law Apia now.
I review our new SOPs. Yey!
And I know I’m lucky. I have my job and I’m getting more connections in out huge company
( worldwide the company has over 100 000 employees so it’s big pharma for real) So it’s very good for me in the long run. Still. I used to be fun.

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