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Originally Posted by Apia resurrected View Post
My work continues to be not as fun as normal but Iím still good in it I guess. But it doesnít feel as good as normal.
I miss the interaction with people and being physically somewhere else. The food not made by myself. I donít even have appetite anymore. I eat when I really feel hungry and it annoys me, otherwise Iím not interested.

I told you that my favorite co worker quit. I do the job interviews for my team together with my supervisor and yesterday we did the first one on MS teams for the replacement.
It went well, interesting what is normal to us now.
It's OK to vent.... gotta keep it real. You can be grateful and still irritated by the way things have to be.

My favorite co-worker got laid off. I haven't seen him since March and it really hurt. It hurt to feel grateful that I still had a job in that moment.

We aren't in a lockdown here, there are certain cities within the state that are "locking down" but I don't know how real or useful that is when there is no federal mandate and no real laws or cooperation across the board. Thanksgiving is next week and between the gatherings and the shopping, I am worried for the state of this nation's health.

The dishes never end, I'm tired of the cycle of making/eating/cleaning. I have a dishwasher and I'm still sick of it all... it's a helpful tool that I don't have to clean each thing by hand but it's still loading, unloading, and the inevitable of re-washing of tings that didn't get washed properly somehow.

Fuck it, I'm getting takeout tonight, there's something to look forward to.
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