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Funny you actually can’t dispute my comments you just don’t like it. You don’t have to like the science. Just like you didn’t like it when I said people were coming down with COVID-19 twice. THE SCIENCE says that immunity people have gained from having COVID hasn’t lasted long in at least some cases. The real SCIENTIFIC concern that if the bodies natural response to the virus doesn’t remain over time then the vaccine won’t be as effective.

People lie a lot so I’m hoping all those people saying they don’t want the vaccine a are just lies and they will get the vaccine. I will get the vaccine and anyone I hear doubt it I’m ready to shame them, we can’t ignore this dialog

Yes Apia viruses change duh, I also said I hope the vaccine will help make the virus less deadly. Just like the flu vaccines do. Again hoping the immune response is long lasting. Science doesn’t know why some people get sick more than once, let’s hope they figure that out. I think April is early to make and distribute based on a voluntary vaccination for 7.8 billion people. At this point scientists don’t know exactly what % of the population needs to be vaccinated to reach a herd immunity. For measles it’s 94% for polio it’s 95%. Some varieties of the flu require less than 20% to reach the herd threshold. I haven’t found any reliable estimates on what the threshold is for COVID-19 but I’m guessing it’s in the 90’s

That may seem impossible but it’s not for most countries. China and India will have the hardest time because of the large population that is spread out over very rural areas. Counties that have limited coverage of health care facilities will also struggle until the WHO can organize vaccine centers in those areas.
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