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One Shot of the Dead A
You join a movie crew as they try to film a horror movie in just one shot. Thing's don't go according to plan. Saying much more would ruin it. I'll just say I was scared, laughed and I cried.

Ava C+
Poor man's Bourne Identity. For the love of god, Hollywood, stop hiring Common to be The One Black Guy in your movie. He can't act for shit. Doesn't help that his character in this movie is also a piece of shit. They got the + because of Geena Davis

The Witch C+
40 minutes too long. There's a ton of build up and the pay off is NEARLY worth it. It's at least very interesting and cathartic. But it really should've come earlier.

Bad Hair D
Too many half baked ideas. The "horror" doesn't come into play for literally an hour. Even if you go in knowing the horror is more a joke than scary, its not a funny joke either! Filled with nearly a dozen half baked ideas and set ups that never come back. The CGI demon hair also looks terrible. Cut out the middle man and listen to the soundtrack on spotify. In fact, here:

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