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Finally bit the bullet and rented tenet. I miss movie theaters. It didn’t quite land for me on my tv, but I still had a good time. Parts of it hurt my brain like any good Christopher Nolan movie and it was a cool concept, just needed a better plot. I rewatched interstellar the night after and goddammit I love that goofy movie, can only think of a handful of better ones.

Also been on an anime kick recently, checking out some old Ghiblis. Castle in the Sky is paced like Indiana Jones and fuggin exhilarating, really bright colors and story, kind of hilarious. Naussica of the Valley of the Wind has a slightly darker, deeper plot and might be more beautiful.

Branching out, I finally saw Paprika and hooooo boy that one fucked me up. It’s kind of like inception, but anime and weirder. Like tenet it feels like it could’ve been tighter and cooler but you’re just along for the ride and it’s pretty fun. Would probably not rewatch but wanna check out more by that director.
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