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Originally Posted by Archimedes_Screw View Post
The Polish lady succinctly summed up half of our political parties. As I type this I have no clue what the names of the parties are in Germany. Outstanding job Apia!
Polish/german lady.

Maybe gerlish?

Its harder here because we have more.

We dont have the winner takes it all thing.

The most known. My subjective view.

1. CDU
Christian democratic union.
Not to be confused with your christians. Ms Merkel is from CDU. Conservative but still believe in science and health isurence. Mostly maybe boring but not violent .
No guns unless for hunting. They have muslim members and politicians.
2. SPD
Have views like Bernie and they are not considered wild at all. Oldest party in Germany. Working class history.
3. FDP the liberal party. For liberals they are more neo liberal. More for the rich liberal. Libertarian?
4. The green party
You get it. I often voted green.
5.the left
The annoying left build from the socialist parties of the ddr.
6 AfD
Scum of the earth. Like your Republicans

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