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Originally Posted by Apia resurrected View Post
Also true that itís too early with the engagement on his side, there was no development.
There is NO amount of self work, therapy & rehab a person like him could do in this limited amount of time that would prepare him to be a full-fledged non-shitty person in a committed relationship like this now.

About a year ago, an acquaintance's bf (which none in my friends group knew at all) messaged about a dozen of us on FB telling us all what a liar and whore the friend (his gf) was. It was truly bizarre and threatening enough that one person went to the cops about this guy's harassment. A few months later, in covid-time, this girl slipped that she was still with him - declaring "he got therapy and worked on his issues" all in the span of like 3 months? You can't therapize that kind of nonsense out of a person like you're going through an express checkout. It's the same shit as Hennessey - he's just holding back his true nature for now while he does his BS love-bomb narcissist moves.
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