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I think in the beginning of the show, the two of you were much more "apolitical" in general. And this is not at all to criticize you or anything, but I remember the "guess the race" game and the fat jokes, etc. Again, I stayed because overall your personalities just really shine and the show was consistently entertaining and funny. There were a few times I'd run to the forums to blast Keith over some random thing he'd said, and he'd yell at me a bit, but it was all good.

But just as everyone evolves, the two of you have as well. You openly discuss issues of social justice. A few episodes ago, Chemda discussed how "politics" are just everyday life, and she's right. The only people who can "avoid politics" are those who are privileged to not immediately be affected by them. So, to play my own little "guess the race" game, I'm going to take a shot in the dark and figure that angry letter you read about "both sides" was written by a white dude.
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