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Originally Posted by Apia resurrected View Post
I feel bad today because now I believe it will never end.
I was allowed out and am again forced into home office.

Home office in my case is= longer hours, frustration and no fun. Its been a year like that.
Aw, Apia... I have many friends in Europe and Australia echoing your frustration... Namibia has been far more relaxed, but we also are far more sparsely populated... not that that really saves us, we still have to be careful and wear masks etc.

On the bright side, you have vaccines being rolled out, right? Our government had made zero plan in that regard. They seem to be waiting for some vaccine fairy to drop it in their laps while they waste money on lavish buildings for their political party and insane salaries.

Here we are back to face to face teaching which requires a mask for over 8 hours a day and so far my school has been spared any cases. It still doesnít feel great, but is definitely better than home schooling. Thing is, Iím pregnant now and happy about it. I might not get another chance at my age... and just want to keep the two of us safe.

I also hate the idea of this little guy being born into a world with an epidemic, hand sanitiser everywhere and masks... but yeah...
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