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The vaccine rollout in here in theory, but for now over 70 year olds and essential workers are being vaccinated.
When family doctors are allowed to vaccinate, things will be better I guess.
But now I’m sad.
Work is pretty stressful, at least money is good.
Normally I have appointments, it’s fun and I like it.
Now, I can’t see my customers and need to wait to be called back.
For example, my appointment was at 3 pm. Now, I’m not there waiting for it, but at my desk waiting to be called back.

I don’t know if I will be called back and when. So I need to look at my phone for hours and even take it to the toilet. A call can be at 7 pm even if the appointment
was at 3 pm. My customers are also stressed with Covid ( physicians) so it’s hard for them. Luckily I know them from before and I’m pretty popular, so they want to talk to me in general. But still I often feel like waiting for a call from someone I met in a club and I hope to see again. Every day.
I hate it. My days never end now. I start at 7.30-8 and have sometimes calls at 8 -9 pm.
I used to be free at about 5-6 pm.
The feeling of not being able to really say I’m done with work today isn’t great. And I can’t really ever relax, have a glass of wine or so because I need to be able to explain bio-chemical stuff on the phone.

Stuff like: “ the new drug works with Si-RNA. You know pcsk9, the difference is the new drug prevents pcsk9 synthesis by bringing si rna into the body and to destroy the m-rna process that creates pcsk9 and preventing it from being produced, so the ldl isn’t protected anymore and the receptors on the liver are not being destroyed but can be recycled to be used on more ldl particles and presented on the liver cells again......;

Do you have questions? “
They always do. Always. So even when I’m outside with my dog I need to have my iPad with me to be able to send an email immediately after our talk with some studies and shit.

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