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Originally Posted by BrianAlt View Post
Yes. He did. Hard stop there. What else did he know? Keith was spouting, 6 kids, divorce, Chemda knew he grew up Jewish. What did he know? Not that Chemda also grew up Jewish. Was practically SHOCKED when someone knew as much as him on self-help books. Actually, Chemda knew MORE! Had no idea when Keith was making a joke. Did he forget that he was on a comedy podcast? I assume he included them for a reason. Was it not for comedy? Did he ever look at their website ONCE? Because if he did, he might have known that Keith has some beef with his dad. I mean, there's an entire section of the website devoted to it.

So he put them in his personal Hall of Fame. Did he do so begrudgingly or with some actual forethought? Or was it because someone told him he should? Because it sure didn't seem to be his idea.
I am not so invested in him to defend him here. For me. It was fine.
Im not sure what the level of preparation is Chemda and Keith normally get. We had guests with way less. The one guy who was too secretive to say that „ she was that kind of girl“ meant pretty. He had no idea who C and K were and was disrespectful. Here, it worked for me.
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