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My step-father was laid off from his job several years ago and since then has only sporadically been able to find solid work. Since then, he's had a ton of time to discover the ugly side of YouTube. And because my mother is done listening to him, whenever I'm over there he unleashes all of this shit on me, because he knows I'm a progressive feminist. I will never forget three years ago, where he announces that most women lie about rape. We are literally sitting down eating Christmas dinner. And he tries quoting dipshit Jordan Peterson at me. Neither one of them know I was molested by a daycare provider. I almost threw it in his face. But that was finally the moment where I said to myself, "I'm done." I will not discuss any bullshit with him anymore. I just shut down every one of those conversations and refuse to engage. He's not a Trumper, he fancies himself a "libertarian," but fuck those guys too.

Since the pandemic I've been able to limit my interactions and mostly video chat with my mother.
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