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My father is an interesting case.
He is a smart person, but on his own he reads strange suspicious content in the way of: the government wants to steal our money and ... add some strange theory here. He wants somehow to see himself and other middle class people as some kind of victim of the system, now with Covid (but he is very good with social distancing and wearing a mask at least) same with the refugees a few years ago. The funny thing is he was absolutely the same when we lived in Poland. He always said Poland was terrible and Germany the best. Now that we live in Germany he does the same here even if his life is much, much better.

When we talk to him, Mr Apia and I he is capable to see the facts and logic and comes back from his trip. It’s important to take care of your elders and not loose them to the media! ( this is supposed to be a funny comment. Like kid, don’t watch TV all day, it will break your brain. Some elders are hopeless cases and it’s not your responsibility here to try to bring them back from insanity)
What is this disease?

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